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Wireless communication
WiFi technology (Wireless Fidelity) also is named like WLAN (wireless LAN) or 802.11b

WiFi is part of the technologies named wireless technologies becouse the connection with other hardware is not made wired, but radio-frequency.

WLAN is used for direct connection to others PCs/PDAs (Ad-hoc mode) or to connect us to an Access Point (AP) to Internet conecction.


We will need a WiFi card to connect it to ours PC/laptop/PDA. In the market we can find these cards in different formats and sizes: USB, PCMCIA, PCI, Digital Secure, Memory Stick and CompacFlash.



In the case of Tungsten C (T|C) handheld we don't need any additional accessory since it incorporates this kind of wireless hardware.

On the other hand we could use it within a Aquapac cases since this one does not limit device's wireless functions.

At the present time free points of Internet connection exist distributed everywhere, called HotSpots or nodes We can find them in restaurants, airports, etc. In Spain, in the most important urban cities, we can find zones with WiFi cover in the street, seats or parks.

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Palm OS
We can find several specific operating systems for handheld computers: Palm OS (by PalmSource), Pocket PC (by Microsoft) and EPOC 32 (by Symbian).

Palm OS is the platform and operating system more used anywhere in the world, being able to find it in devices from Palm, Handspring, Sony, Acer, Samsung and Symbol, among others.

Some of the advantages of the Palm OS platform in front of their competitors are:

  • Optimization to run in mobile devices.
  • Ease to use.
  • Reliability.
  • Speed in daily use.
  • Multimedia capacities: games, audio, video, photograph...
  • Communications: connection to Internet, email, web browser, VoIP, VPN, VNC...

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