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During the event we used the next elements:

PDA Zire 71 Palm Spain

The most multimedia mobile device from Palm: integrated camera, MP3 player, video player, and all with the latest operating system version (Palm OS v 5.2) and high-resolution screen (320x320).

With Zire 71 we shoot all the photos about the event that you can see in this website.

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PDA Tungsten C Palm Spain

The device for the user that need high conectivity. High-resolution screen, wireless WiFi (802.11b), 64 Mb RAM, processor at 400 Mhz, integrated QWERTY keyboard, VPN, email, web browser...

After make the photos, we upload them to this server using T|C and a WiFi network.

(más características)

Multimedia Card expansion card Proporta

128 Mb expansion card, in MMC format. We use it to save the photos that we took with Zire 71.

Case PDA Classic Aquapac

We can protect the PDAs of the dust, fats, dirt and water with these cases 100 x 100 water-proof.

The cases does not limit the use of stylus or PDA's wireless functions. Also they are available in format for camera, video, hpnes, GPS, etc.

Case PDA Classic PLUS Aquapac

Just as the previous model, but greater for greater size devices, PDAs with expansion module or to transport several devices at the same time.