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PDA Expertos .com | La Comunidad de PDAs Palm OS

The Community of Palm OS in Spanish: news, articles, reviews, tutorials, forums, links, mobile Internet, events, drawings...

With EVANTEC has made this available through wireless technology.

Palm Spain

Palm Espaņa

The most important manufacturer of Palm OS handheld PCs.

They have lent the 2 PDAs that we have used in the event.

Gelioss mobile solutions

Gelioss soluciones moviles

The most advenced Spanish firm in mobile developments (PDAs, smartphones and Tablet-PC) and wireless (WiFi, Bluetooth).

They have overseen the study and installation of the wireless network.

Palmtop User + info

Palmtop User

The only Spanish magazine that deals with in depth the mobile devices.

Evantec is fully covered in the magazine.



English company of PDAs accessories: cases, memory cards, software, cables...

They have lent the 128 Mb memory card where we stored all the photos.



Specialist in cases 100 x 100 water-proof, to protect electronic devices from dust, fats, dirt and water.

They have lent the cases to be able to take comfortably and to protect the PDAs.